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Custom Screenprinting Services


The process starts with your vision. Our in-house art team with over 70 years of combined experience will bring your vision to life with a custom design (or one you already have). 


The shirts are pulled off the screens and go through a special dryer on a conveyor belt. This cures the ink an ensures the longevity of your design.

Screen Burning

A negative image of your custom design is then burned onto a screen. Each color in the design-up to four- gets its own screen.


If your design has more than one color, the inking and curing processes are repeated, layering colors to create a beautiful custom shirt.


The t shirt is lined up under the screen, and ink is moved across it with a squeegee, transferring the ink to the shirt through the holes that were burned in the screen.


Each shirt is inspected for perfection. We ensure the highest quality products every time you order from us.

Screenprinting Gallery

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